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    SubjectRe: Linux Buffer Cache & Mirroring
    On Fri, 5 Nov 1999, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:

    > I looked at some of the memory trackers. What I'm using is on par, and
    > much simpler (it's like the resource tag tracking in Netware).

    But how much time has it cost you in tracking down problems that otherwise
    wouldn't have occurred?

    > What is the best method for this? I noticed that there is a page *
    > structure that uses a PG_Locked bit to flag the page structure. My
    > concern is that most of this stuff uses macros that can change accross
    > linux versions. Is this method consistent across all the Linux
    > versions?

    Use the helper function lock_page. The page cache is pretty much the same
    across 2.x. Compare the differences in generic_file_read and such across
    different versions to see what issues you need to worry about when
    dealing with the page cache.


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