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    SubjectOracle RBS corruption (was: bdflush problem ?)
    > Posting the information about why the problem was being seen is both ontopic
    > and useful. I've been able to cross several mandrake bug reports off my weird
    > kernel bug list knowing this (and to point the submitters at the update)

    And I'm just experiencing againg a rollback segment corruption again, and it
    seems there hasn't been any crash. So I suspect there is something else :-(

    As you suggested, I'll try to upgrade them to a 2.2.13 compiled with a egcs.
    I noticed a similarity with two sites on which I had corruption: they both
    running HP servers with a HP NetRaid (amird) controller. One runs a 2.0.36
    kernel, and the other a 2.2.9 kernel (RedHat 5.2 and Mandrake 6.0).

    Maybe it could be something wrong with amird driver or HP NetRaid firmware ?

    François Désarménien

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