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    SubjectRe: Removing bad fsck inode files
       Date:   Wed, 03 Nov 1999 01:19:20 -0300
    From: Horst von Brand <>

    On _really_ screwed up files it is worse than that. I recently got
    rid = of two undeletables using debugfs: Directories that had turned
    into block devices with humongous major/minors. They even used triple
    indirect blocks(!). fsck from e2fsprogrs-1.17 segfaulted on them.

    Umm... you wouldn't happen to have saved the output of debugfs's stat
    command on these badly mangled inodes, would you? That would be really
    helpful towards fixing the bug --- if you can get e2fsck to segfault,
    that's a bug.

    - Ted

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