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    Subject[OFF TOPIC]Re: bdflush problem ?
    "Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH" wrote:
    > In message <>, Fran ois D sarm nien
    > <desar@cl
    >> writes:
    > +-----
    > | ionned*. A distribution *shouldn't*
    > | include such a bug, or it's not a professional distribution. Fulldot. Definit
    > | ly, Mandrake is not a profesionnal
    > | distribution. Just for kids. I'll resume my story and I'll post to slashdot.
    > +--->8
    > (1) you should see what I've had to deal with in RH.

    Problems that can lead to data corruption ?

    > (2) anyone who cares what the slashtwats think isn't serious.
    You're right. I'm not trying to make a distro war. I'm only saying that bugs
    found in *any* distro which can result in data loss, should be *explicitly*
    mentionned, we have very good reports for security issues, but none about
    data integrity. I know linux-kernel has nothing to do with Linux in business,
    so I apologize and add an [off topic] in the subject.


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