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SubjectRe: [patch] smp-2.3.29-B2, spinlocks, reboot

On Wed, 24 Nov 1999, Robert Redelmeier wrote:

> > the NMI oopser running on all SMP boxes unconditionally, which should
> Yes. I have had one ooops I really ought to look up in .

definitely. (preferably with 2.3.29+smp-B2)

> My understanding is that you don't have a chance of atomicity unless
> the address is aligned [so it won't cross cache lines]. [..]

we align spinlocks properly. gcc aligns our spinlocks to 32-bit. 2.2
relies on this, we'd break obviously if this wasnt the case.

> > - cleaned up the reboot path, clean APIC/IOAPIC state after reboot
> Is this related to the documented 82443BX erratum of hanging on
> reboot when DRAM refresh is in progress?


-- mingo

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