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    SubjectRe: Kodak DC-265 overrunning linux serial driver?

    "Ted" == Theodore Y Ts'o <>
    "jim" == Jim Thompson <>

    > Ted> Are you using an old IDE controller that does programmed I/O
    > Ted> (i.e., no DMA?). If so, look at the man page for hdparm's -u
    > Ted> option. That should make your problem go away. (The
    > Ted> explanation for the -u option will also explain why this isn't
    > Ted> the default.)

    jim> Ted, I get the same buffer overrun on two modern systems: a brand-new
    jim> Dell I3700 laptop, and a SCSI-only P2B-S motherboard. Furthermore, the
    jim> problem will occur when there is relatively little disk activity. On
    jim> the other hand, the error is much more frequent when there's significant
    jim>CPU load.

    The system I am running 2.3.28 is an AMD K6-3/400 with a relatively
    high performance SCSI subsystem, actually has a 64 PCI SCSI controller,
    admittedly plugged into a 32bit slot of an x86 system.

    This would eliminate the IDE problem Ted spoke of in a related email.

    However you are also having the problem with a SCSI only MB. hmmmm.

    I guess you are running into the evil "other" devices that Ted

    I've noticed the CPU load related underruns a little. I'll load up
    my 2.3.28 systems CPU and see what happens, since it otherwise
    works fine.

    I think it would be nice if Linux had a serial subsystem that supports
    115200 with a standard 16550A. And apparently is does. Hopefully
    the "other" devices will work toward this end too.

    Brian Litzinger <>

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