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SubjectRe: Announce: LVM Patch against kernel 2.3.28
> That said, we don't distrurb other folks's code, so why is it such an issue?
> I don't understand the comment about exporting half of the buffer cache into
> itself.

Because its not easy to prove you dont disturb other code. You make some stuff
global that wasnt for example.

> > There is also a problem that right now neither ext3 or reiserfs can journal
> > over software raid.
> This is a RAID/MM design issue. Surely you can't blame us for that one.... and
> surely it is not so hard to make journaling and RAID exclusive configurations
> until it gets worked out.....

I'm not blaming anyone for it. Someone asked for a state of play. Current state
of play is raid+journalling = problems. I don't see how 'blame' applies to that


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