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    SubjectRe: Announce: LVM Patch against kernel 2.3.28
    > It would be a blessing, especially if the journaling Ext2 or Reiserfs
    > stuff was also folded into 2.4 as well. The lack of a LVM and a JFS have
    > unfortunately kept any serious Linux use out of our shop for a while
    > now.

    I can see LVM getting into a standard kernel but not really ext3 (journalling
    ext2) or reiserfs. Ext3 adds stuff to the buffer cache behaviour that needs
    further figuring for 2.3.x to make Linus happy. Reiserfs exports half of
    the buffer cache into itself and includes extra C files in fs/buffer.c
    and has similar questions to solve.

    There is also a problem that right now neither ext3 or reiserfs can journal
    over software raid.


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