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SubjectRe: updating the RTC automagically
Hi Peter.

> What the various DOS filesystems need is a mount parameter that
> says something like the following...

>> Q> mount -t vfat -o tz=MST /dev/hda2 /win95

> You mean

> # mount -t vfat -o tzoff=-420 /dev/hda2 /win95

> ...Or perhaps you meant that mount(8) does the translation?

I meant what I said, especially "something like" - as in "tell the
mount command the relevant timezone by whatever means the author
thereof implements."

In other words, it's up to whoever maintains the mount command to
decide what semantics (s)he wishes to implement. It could easily be
that the required semantics for MST would be "tzoff=420" since there
is no standard agreement as to the meaning of + and - in that context
and both get used in both senses by different people.

At this stage, I would say that the sensible action would be to
suggest suchlike semantics to the maintainer of the FAT-based
filesystem drivers (Alexander, is that you?) and see what he or
she thinks.

Mr(s) FAT driver Maintainer: In your opinion, would there be any
advantage to being able to specify a timezone or timezone offset to
be used in interpreting the dates stored on a FAT-based filesystem?

If there is, I would image it could be implemented by adding a signed
word field to the private mount data for the affected partitions, and
have that store the offset in minutes relating to that partition. It
would need to be able to handle values between -750 and +750 to deal
with the timezone range that I understand exists - the largest offset
that I am aware of is 12.5 hours behind GMT for some of the pacific
islands near the International Date Line.

Best wishes from Riley.

PS: The kernel versions page is now back online at the URL below, and
includes separate sublists both for each kernel series, and for
each year of development.

| There is something frustrating about the quality and speed of Linux |
| development, ie., the quality is too high and the speed is too high, |
| in other words, I can implement this XXXX feature, but I bet someone |
| else has already done so and is just about to release their patch. |

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