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    SubjectRe: Full disk and 2.3.x kernels.
    Trever Adams wrote:
    > This problem appeared in early 2.3.x kernels. I believe I first saw it
    > in 2.3.11.
    > Scenerio: Let your disk fill very close to full. Erase a few hundred
    > megabytes of data so you can work on other things. Disk stays "full."
    > Your apps give you many many errors of such.
    > in 2.3.x<26 (26 may have been included in this), it never recovers. It
    > takes a reboot to get your disk space back.
    > In 2.3.x>28 (may include 26, I cant remember), two or three fails and
    > then bam, you have your space back.
    > Sync doesn't fix this. It seems to take failed writes.
    > I am not sure how to get more detailed than this or how to create a test
    > for you all save the conditions I observed. I am using an up to date (I
    > believe) RedHat 6.1 base.

    You know that disk-blocks held by open files are not released until
    those files are closed? That means, that you can remove a logfile, but
    if the process still has it open the space isn't released. A write
    failing usually means that the process dies or reopens the file which
    ends up releasing the space (finally), and it then being available for


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