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Subject[PATCH] procfs cleanup - next phase.
	It's against vanilla 2.3.28. I'm holding some stuff until 29-pre
since it intersects with patches from Ingo, but most of the interesting
things is here.

* openpromfs separated from procfs. Warning: requires separate
mounting (on /proc/openprom). May be b0rken, treat with care.
* /proc/atm went dynamic.
* proc_symlink(), proc_mknod() and proc_mkdir() added. Use them to
register such animals (from drivers, etc.). Treat with care, since there
may be interface changes yet.
* ->get_info() method lost the last argument. _NONE_ of the
instances used it. Ever. Typical names were 'unused' and 'dummy'. How the
hell did it stay around so long - hell knows. Probably nobody checked it.
* /proc/scsi/scsi writable again.
* USB SCSI should probably be no worse than it used to be before
this procfs business.
* Featurectomy: unlink in /proc is gone. Good riddance, since it
made oopsing the hell of the system trivial. With memory corruption,
yodda, yodda.
* ->readlink_proc() is no more. Use proc_symlink() to create such
entries. If you _really_ need dynamic symlinks - tell. Nothing in the
official tree did. The only symlinks outside of procfs proper were in
/proc/ide/ and they are merrily handled with proc_symlink() now.

Folks, _please_ be careful with that - most of places affected
are changed in pretty trivial way, but there may be typos, etc.

Patch is on

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