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SubjectRE: resending patch: Documentation/pci.txt
Jeff Garzik [] wrote:
> > If there is something incorrect in what I wrote, please let
> me know. I am
> > not sure that the lines about
> > check_region()/request_region()/release_region() are
> correct, there don't
> > seem to be any PCI drivers doing this. I included it
> because Jeff Garzik and
> > Martin Mares both said it was needed.
> I don't know what the general intent of pci.txt is, only Martin can
> answer that. Your addition IMHO seems like it belongs in a new
> 'drivers.txt' not specifically pci.txt, because a lot of the text
> applies to all architectures.

I don't know how much may apply to other systems.

> Martin already added a pointer to IO-mapping.txt in recent kernels.
> And, small error in your text, there is no base_address[] in 2.3.x
> kernels.

Damn it! The name appears to have changed between 2.2 and 2.3.

In pci.h the struct in 2.2.13 (and I would assume later) had

unsigned long base_address[6]

which cooresponded to the various PCI Base Address Registers.

Looking in the 2.3.24, I see that the name has changed. I assume that the
equivilent is somewhere buried in struct resource resource[].

I have no clue as to why this would have changed. It never came up during
any of the discussion (subject: Specifying properly the PCI driver model on
all linux ...) where I collected most of this information.

Why did this change, and what was wrong with the old base_address[] array?
Since every PCI driver is supposed to get the address from this field, I
think this is a legitimate question.


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