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SubjectRe: linux-2.3.28 make failure in fs/open.c
On Sun, Nov 14, 1999 at 01:24:30PM -0700, James MacKinnon <jmack@Phys.UAlberta.CA> wrote:
> Hmm. I did just notice the warning to stay away from pgcc etc in the
> Changes file... perhaps this kind of thing should be in the top level

Funny, I can't find that warning ;) However, I can find this:

Note that the latest compilers (egcs, pgcc, gcc 2.8) may do Bad Things
while compiling your kernel, particularly if absurd optimizations (like
-O9) are used. Caveat emptor. Currently, the only

This is obviously very old (both egcs and gcc-2.8 are no longer the
"latest" versions). Now that many problems were resolved and the kernel
(at least 2.3) auto-detects wether (p)gcc-2.95 is used, is this warning
still valid?

In effect this warning says: "use gcc-2.7.2 or do not complain".

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