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SubjectRe: Split the kernel sources

[Dominik Kubla]
> BTW. There is no need to download the whole tarball, somebody or
> another invented the concept of taking the difference between two
> versions and "patch" the old version to generate the new version.
> Just in case you didn't know...

And *that* is a good reason (from my perspective) not to distribute a
split kernel. egcs (now gcc) does this -- you can download either the
whole release or the base plus any of various language frontends as
separate tarballs. Trouble is, if you then try patching an
"incomplete" tree with a "complete" patch file you will get loads of
questions and rejects for directories and files that don't exist.
While there may be a patch flag to turn this behavior off, I never
found it; I gave up on this whole approach and now always download the
complete egcs/gcc tarball when needed.

Peter Samuelson

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