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SubjectRe: Skyhigh retransmit times. Yearold problem still in 2.3.26
Andi Kleen wrote:

> (Christoph Lameter) writes:
> > I have been bitching about this for years ....
> >
> > This is for a ssh connection via a ricochet:
> >
> > netstat -ton
> >
> > tcp 0 0 ESTABLISHED off (0.00/0/0)
> > tcp 0 0 ESTABLISHED on2 (7106.08/0/0)
> > tcp 0 0 ESTABLISHED on2 (6455.34/0/0)
> >
> > If there would at least be a command to reset those times to make the
> > connection usable again.... This way I have to establish a new connection
> > to the same host to do something usable.
> Once you get through again TCP will reset the timeouts itself as it
> receives new ACKs.

Whilst this is true, I think many people would describe a protocol that allows 2 hour retransmits
as broken. Were its designers looking for reasonable results on links between the Earth and Mars?

This is quite a pain with TCP across unreliable media (e.g. the Internet). A broken path gets
fixed after some significant downtime, but established connections take an age to pick up again.
There has be a Better Way.


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