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SubjectUDMA66 and ide timeout waiting for dma

I've tested the patch for UDMA66 on the 2.2.12 and 2.2.13 kernels (with the two
Hedrick's patches) I've got a Maxtor 92048U8 hard disk connected to a HPT366 board
(motherboard is a Asus P3BF with an only one PIII500 (i don't use SMP)).
When I use the auto DMA detect in the kernel, the system works a time (with UDMA66)
and crashs with "ide : timeout waiting for DMA" (even the motherboard doesn't like
the crash ! I'm forced to force the shutdown pushing during 4 seconds the power
When I don't use the auto DMA detect, the system is stable but i can't have UDMA66
active on my hard disk (as it is mentionned in the Hedrick's doc). And i've a lot
of such messages in the kern.log (some times every 5 minutes):
Nov 11 15:27:00 roy202 kernel: hde: lost interrupt

I don't find documentations on that problem, so Help !! :)

Yohann F.

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