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    SubjectRe: Max tcp connections
    David Schwartz wrote:
    > Poll is O(1) as well if implemented correctly. Consider the following loop:
    > while(1)
    > {
    > Poll();
    > Do_the_io_poll_found();
    > }
    > Now, poll itself is O(n), but doing the I/O is going to be O(n) (here n
    > represents the number of fds or clients). So we make a call that is O(n)
    > with a frequency that is O(1/n). Hence the overall overhead of poll is O(1)
    > with respect to the number of active connections. Signals can't touch that
    > scalability.

    How would it change the comparison if we had a vector version of
    sigwaitinfo that could return n siginfo's at once?

    - Dan

    (The above is just my personal opinion; I don't speak for my employer,
    except on the occasional talk show.)

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