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SubjectRe: disk corruptions on "tuned" disks Was: APM killing low-latency performance on BX mainboard
On Wed, 10 Nov 1999, you wrote:

> > > It would be nice if we could collect some data about problematic
> > > drives / mainboards.
> > > Alan any know drives ?

I agree with both you and Alan. Here is a possible solution: Instead of
compiling a list of problematic hardware, which will be resource intense, why
not compile a list of working hardware. This is a much safer alternative, as
the kernel/initscripts would have an iron-clad set of rules. If you go the
other route, someone is going to have hardware that is not on the "problematic"
list and get themselves locked or corrupted.

You can tell alot about a person by their choice of hardware :). The person
that cares enough to pay an extra few dollars for quality hardware is usually
the same person that would care about proper tuning of said hardware.

> > > But such an automatic tuning/check has soon to be implemented into distros,
> > > in order to get the maximum performance out of the HW.
> > > ( Or are you not willing to try out the 5th gear of your Ferrari ? :-) )
> >
> > Distributions have to work with as much hardware as possible.

Exactly, which would work well with the "known to work" list.

> It would be a bit disappointing to say:
> "do not use the CDROM drive while usign your harddisk recording app,
> because it might ruin your realtime performance"

I'd much rather see a message like that than an Oops or Aieeee. :)


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