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    SubjectRe: [patch] [possible race in ext2] Re: how to write get_block?
    On Fri, 8 Oct 1999, Mikulas Patocka wrote:

    >Here goes quick'n'dirty patch. It does bforget(). It should prevent file

    wrong patch. bforget give you no guarantee at all. bfoget always fallback
    to brelse if necessary.

    What I said about bforget in my old email is still true. The _only_ reason
    for using bforget instead of brelse is to get buffer performances (that in
    2.3.x are not so interesting as in 2.2.x as in 2.3.x flushpage is just
    doing the interesting stuff with the real data).

    The current design bug in 2.3.20pre2 and previous has nothing to do with

    The right fix is to do a query on the hash every time you overlap a buffer
    on the page cache. If you'll find the buffer - you are going to overlap in
    the page-cache - in the hash, then you'll have to flush it exactly as
    flushpage does. My way has no cache coherency downside and it's completly
    safe. It will impact a bit the CPU though. Still far better than 2.2.x
    because the hash will be almost empty in 2.3.x compared with the huge one
    of 2.2.x. I just had to do something like that to fix the ramdisk device.
    Now I'll implement the thing.


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