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    SubjectRE: [linux-usb] Re: USB device allocation
    In <> David Waite ( wrote:
    >> system... And now they are eager to introduce
    >> even more of this kind of stuff (Ahhh a tar cf blah /dev/* triggered
    >> from kernel
    >> level for persistency! WODERFULLL!). Ugh not too long in the future this
    >> all will
    >> be looking quite like the >Registry< just even worser becouse entierly
    >> inside
    >> the kernel. Ehh... And there is still the question how they will explain

    > By the way, I don't think that the 'tar cf' is a bad solution, and I also
    > don't think the registry is a bad solution (although in windows 95 it was
    > definately badly implemented).

    > I also don't think either should be kernel level, a registry daemon could be
    > started in init, the same as
    > parsing or creating that tar file.

    > data is data, whether in a real filesystem with inodes or in a virtual
    > filesystem.

    > Anyways, the problem is that we are getting to the point where exotic
    > hardware is _not_ an academic excersise. Someone could hook up 8 keyboards
    > and 8 mice with a scanner and a printer for 8 lab stations today if it was
    > supported. I should say _would_, the cost-conserned department would jump at
    > the chance to get a single system to manage 8 stations, and perhaps only
    > have ten computers requiring maintenance in the entire lab. But of course
    > this is impossible today.

    > We have an arbitrary limitation in place for absolutely no good reason,
    > other than that it seems to some people to be easier to work around it
    > forever than to actually think up a good solution and change it.

    > I personally don't think devfs is the best solution, because it still uses
    > the major/minor system. I think we need to figure out how to handle access
    > to hardware that will not only not definately be there on reboot, but might
    > not be there from one minute to the next.

    Devfs DO NOT need major/minor system. It uses major/minor system for existing
    devices to simplify conversation but it's not requirement.

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