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SubjectRe: [patch] replacing "/dev/root" in /proc/mounts
>>>>> "Tigran" == Tigran Aivazian <tigran@sco.COM> writes:

> Jes, dear friend, when I have time and see a bug I try to fix
> it, when I have no time to fix it I configure the system in
> such a manner as to not trigger a bug and report the bug to
> the maintainer.

Now since when did you become my dear friend?

Configuring _your_ system to avoid a bug is very different from
running around in public screaming that a _perfectly_ _valid_ option
is not valid. Had you said something along the lines of "there is a
bug in foo that can be worked around by doing bar" it would have been
very different.


PS: And if you could teach your mail client to put the text you quote
in front of your reply as specified in RFC1855, the world would be a
slightly nicer place to be.

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