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    SubjectRE: devfs again, (was RE: USB device allocation)
    > > the permissions in a config file, exact syntax i forget, 
    > but something like:
    > >
    > > /dev/sd/c0b1t3u0 PERM root.disk 664
    > > /dev/sd PERM root.disk 660
    > >
    > > etc.. and all your SCSI disks will automatically get these
    > perm's when
    > > they're created, except for disk bus1id3, which get's
    > special perms's.. etc.
    > >
    > > now that's nice. Much easier to admin, which leads to
    > better security, etc.
    > Hmm, true, much nicer. What about devices that are
    > needed to read
    > that config file? Or are the permissions on those just reset
    > once the config
    > file is read?

    devfsd doesn't act retroactively. but there's no reason it couldn't be made
    scan existing permissions upon startup. There's a lot of nifty things that
    could be done with devfsd.


    Paul Jakma.

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