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SubjectRe: USB device allocation
On Fri, Oct 08, 1999 at 09:38:00AM +1000, Nathan Hand wrote:

> The /dev directory can still be "dynamic", the difference is that it's an
> ext2 filesystem being updated from userspace, rather than a virtual devfs
> filesystem being updated from kernelspace.
> Realistically it only loses two features that people might covet (special
> behaviour on open() of non-existent nodes, ability to use a non-UNIX like
> filesystem for your /). The majority of people lose nothing.

Erm, doesn't the first one break module autoloading? I would have thought
quite a lot of people used that.

AFAICS what's needed is to separate device detection from device handling -- I
don't know how much of this is done already. When devices are detected
(normally boot time except for hotplug buses), poke the user space daemon
to create the device special file, but don't load the driver. When the device
file's accessed, the normal kerneld / kmod mechanism kicks in to load the

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