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    SubjectRe: [linux-usb] Re: USB device allocation (fwd)
    In <> Johannes Erdfelt ( wrote:

    >> That could be a problem. Tho that's a problem with almost all of the
    >> discussed options for USB device allocation.
    >> First, are there any USB-specific ioctl's? If there are, then we need to
    >> figure out how to handle those, regarldess of how we assign device
    >> numbers (my method, statically, or devfs). Suggestions? The first one
    >> that comes to mind is that the USB-specific ioctls could only operate on
    >> /proc, or that they are given numerical assignments which are unassigned
    >> to other ioctl's for most all devices.

    > This is how it operates now. /proc/bus/usb/dev has all of the USB
    > devices. You open and use ioctl to send raw commands to the device.

    > The problem with it now is permissions. I want to send raw commands to
    > my USB camera. There's no reason for a kernel driver. However, you can
    > change permissions on /proc files and keep it persistant.

    To me it look like reincarnation of devfs under /proc :-(( Why not use real
    thing ?

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