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SubjectRe: A though on multi-session cds
On Thu, Oct 07, 1999 at 09:59:54AM -0400, Eric Kasten wrote:

> A thought on multi-session cds. I've been considering using CD-Writers
> as a way to create snapshots of certain types of critical data by
> writing a new track to the CD periodically (essentially creating a set
> of generation datasets on the CD). One of the down sides of this
> is that there isn't a particularily easy way (that I've located) to access
> the data tracks beyond track 01 -- ie, mount mounts track 01, but there
> isn't a way to mount a different track that also has an isofs on it.

isofs in 2.3.x (for suitable values of x, certainly >=15) has a
session= parameter that you should be able to pass in via mount.

What would be even more interesting is for cdrom block devices to make
multiple sessions appear as partitions -- assuming people don't ever put
_real_ partition tables on CD-ROMs, of course.

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