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SubjectRe: [patch] 2.3.18ac10 /proc fixes [Re: [patch] wchan in 2.3.18ac6]
> >I have a 2.2.x fix Andi Kleen did. Linus wont take it however. 
> Do Andi did the kmalloc too? If so I agree with Linus.

Not sure. I was a little ugly tho.

> The right thing to do is to increase the double-page reference count in
> the struct page to avoid /proc sniffing. So we'll be secure and _fast_.

That sounds a lot saner.

> it would been rejected (as at 2.2.1 time) so I took the 2.2.12pre14
> approch that at least it's not been rejected (as it's in 2.2.13pre14 8)
> that's safe from an Oops point of view but not mathematically secure.

Nod.. not safe enough for a lot of people

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