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SubjectProcess stuck in D state.
Using the 2.2.11 kernel, I have a slew of Midnight commander
processes stuck in the "D" dead state. They will NOT leave my
process table period.

I had an SMB share mounted over the internet via PPP. That is a
remote share mounted locally on my machine.

I was using mc to copy files from the remote system to the local
system. The remote system went down. I quit mc.

Now every time I start up Midnight commander, it sits there in
lala land FOREVER. My guess is that it "remembers" the last dir
it was in, which is now completely nonexistant, but WAS a remote
networked drive. It tries to CD to that nonexistant dir, and
sits there indefinitely with a black screen. Granted this is
likely a bug in Midnight commander - however...

I then "kill <PID OF MC>" and nothing happens. I then
"kill -9 <PID OF MC>" and nothing happens. I look at the process
table, and now mc is in "D" state. If I try to start up any
further mc processes, they all do the same. The prompt does NOT
return back to me after killing the mc process. I did a
"killall -9 mc" and all of the running mc's did the same. I now
have 7 mc processes in the "D" state. The only way to get
control of the VC that each was running on, was to "killall -9"
the primary "login" for each VC, and then log in again. When I
killed the login program however, I could no longer log in
because it printed ^M on the screen instead of actually
interpreting the carriage return. I found that if I pressed
"CONTROL-D" when the password prompt appeared, that it reset the
thing to the correct behaviour.

Since this problem is severe IMHO, and for all intents, locks up
the console that it occurs on, and since the processes will NOT
leave the process table, I believe it to be a kernel bug.
Correct me if I'm wrong.

Deleting mc's config files does not change it from occuring now
either. I even uninstalled mc, deleted ALL mc files remaining,
config files, etc. and reinstalled. I still have the same

I rebooted, and now everything works fine again. Anyone know
what could cause this, and/or how to fix it?


Mike A. Harris Linux advocate
Computer Consultant GNU advocate
Capslock Consulting Open Source advocate

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