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SubjectRe: ppp compression modules ?


>>>>> Homme R Bitter <> writes:


>Alas, for some reason there is stac for ISDNppp, but not for async ppp,
>the predictor module isn't written either, the cisco doesn't support
>ppp-deflate or bsd compression.
>The modems have LAPM5, which is sometimes an improvement, but it's not the
>same as stac.
>Does anyone know who is working on this?
>Are there any alpha/beta things to be tested yet?

As far as I understand comments in the isdn_ppp.c kernel source,
for the some compression methods the comopression control protocol
interacts with the compressor/decompressor in a non-trival manner
which is not covert by the current compression
API. isdn_ppp.c contains some special hooks to partially handle CCP inside
the kernel to resolve this. This might be the reason why not all compressors
can be used with the async ppp driver.

>Are there plans to implement just one ppp that works with both ISDN and

2.3.x now has a generic ppp layer that can be used by any framing device.
Howevr, this is fairly new and ISDN does not use it. It might be
possible and I agree with you that this is The Right Thing (TM), but
this is certainly a task not to be started before 2.4.x is out.


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