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SubjectRe: How stable is ide + smp now ?
| From: Alan Cox <>

| > Machine is running ok with 1 cpu, but i like to use the second one.
| > I read that 2.2.13 has some bugfixes for ide +raid
| Some
| > Is the bug fixed ?
| I don't know. Most people say yes, one person with a lot of IDE devices on
| a raid hit problems still.

I'm a little confused and very interested. I have an SMP system with
IDE. I'm not going to do RAID. Is there known to be a problem with
SMP+IDE without RAID (I had thought so)? Has it been fixed?

I was going to use Red Hat 6.1 (2.2.12 + some RH patches), but had
been scared off. Is this version thought to be SMP+IDE safe? If not,
what is?


Hugh Redelmeier voice: +1 416 482-8253

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