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    SubjectRe: What happens on bogomips going wrong?
    Pavel Machek wrote:
    > Hi!
    > On notebooks it is quite common to be able to change cpu clock. What
    > happens when bogomips go wrong by factor of two?
    > I can see it pretty well possible on my toshiba: If I boot with
    > low-battery situation, I get 150MHz cpu; if I then turn onto AC power,
    > I guess I get 300MHz cpu. Bogomips will be very wrong...

    A friend of mine currently experiences problems resulting in wrongly
    calculated bogomips. Linux suddenly calculates only half of the bogomips.
    This means that the clock is double fast and DNS is not working. I
    also suppose that you should not try to use a cd writer. In theory,
    I guess all timings will be wrong.



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