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SubjectRE: access beyond end of device errors in 2.2.13pre18 AND 2.2.5
> Please try 2.2.13 first of all. Given the number of fixed 
> bugs between 2.2.5
> and 2.2.13 tha would be useful

fwiw, i had the exact same errors last week with 2.2.13pre12 in my /usr
partition. loads of 'bit already cleared' messages on unmount.

also had a spate of these errors with 2.2.11, i was losing a couple of files
per day.

Most common errors was the bit not cleared error. Which would cause fsck to
want to delete the file, usually copying solved it, but not always. Other
symptoms were files had the contents of other files when opened.

I have logs at home for 2.2.13pre12. complaints came mainlt from
ext2_free_block and ext2_free_(something-else). (although i never attempted
to delete the files concerned)

> Try 2.2.13 first. Im not willing to guess if this is H/W or
> software. It could
> be software.

i figured it had to be hardware, but considering loads of other people are
seeing same thing....???


AMD K6-233
TMC Via MVP3 board
Buslogic Multimaster.
Seagate Cheetah, IBM DDRS, IBM DGHS.
Errors occured on the DGHS, other drives are scratch space.

Machine patched with latest RAID and knfsd 1.4. NFS server to a couple of
other machines, 1 of which mounts /usr.

I'm wondering whether the other people seeing this message use the RAID or
NFS patches?


Paul Jakma.

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