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    SubjectRe: access beyond end of device errors in 2.2.13pre18 AND 2.2.5
    > With some of the 2.3. kernels especially "pre" ones you shouldnt be
    > suprised to see these as there are page cache/buffer cache/fs races still
    > being killed off.

    I'm not. I did not complain :) All I wanted was just to confirm
    that what was reported was not the single isolated case.

    > That doesnt mean "dont report them", just be aware you might
    > get them.

    I know. I've been living on the development kernels long

    > > by this I mean that 2.3.23pre1 after having been running for the
    > > same time as 2.3.24pre4 has now most likely would have complained.
    > Cool

    After 3 hours of doing (under 2.3.24pre4) things that used to trigger
    the 2.3.23pre1 error messages my logs are still clean. Looks like
    at least some problems got fixed quite firmly.


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    -- speaking just for myself...

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