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    SubjectRe: access beyond end of device errors in 2.2.13pre18 AND 2.2.5
    Mark Hagger <> writes:

    > kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device
    > kernel: 08:0d: rw=0, want 77831577, limit=15638246

    > This problem is really starting to get very worrying indeed, and I
    > suspect is going to be a real pain to track down. But as it leads to
    > file system corruption (and I've seen others reporting this in the
    > list), surely this has to be tracked down pretty urgently? Especially
    > since Redhat are now shipping 2.2.12 as their distribution kernel!

    Alan Cox <> writes:

    > Most cases we chased down turned out to be IDE problems, memory
    > problems and the like which makes it
    > _very_ hard to track down.

    Well I do have a similar Problem with LVD Scsi drives (IBM DDRS)
    connected to an 7890 Adaptec U2W controller (on board on Asus P2Bs);
    Intel Pentium II 400MHz, 128MB RAM. Running kernel 2.2.5-22.

    I suspected bad memory, so I changed it with a (similarily working)
    module from another machine, but no avail.

    I suspected a cable problem so I checked it.

    I suspected the attached scanner and disconnected it, but no avail.

    I suspected a low power supply and took 2 drives off, but no avail.

    The message occurs only when doing backup on tape (the only heavy IO
    situation for that machine).

    Oct 27 02:00:21 iwr01 kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device
    Oct 27 02:00:21 iwr01 kernel: 08:11: rw=0, want=2078145526, limit=8924076
    The device numbers corresponds to /dev/sda11 but this partition did
    never exist, fdisk shows correct values.

    An e2fsck is needed to fix the filesystem, but things will come back some
    days later.

    I am a little helpless on this topic, (I will replace the whole
    machine but the disks soon, just to be sure of no hardware defects).

    What can I do to track the problem down?

    Martin Schulz
    Uni Karlsruhe, Institut f. wissenschaftliches Rechnen u. math. Modellbildung
    Engesser Str. 6, 76128 Karlsruhe

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