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    SubjectRe: /proc/pci unknown devices
    This whole discussion is silly; I believe Linus has already made a
    decision on this issue. Namely, that /proc/pci is going to say, because
    it's useful to have the ASCII text description attached to elements in
    the struct pci tree. Yes, this means the initialization tables take up
    35k of space, but (a) that's uncompressed; and the text probably
    compresses quite nicely, and (b) it's __initdata, which means the space
    is released back to the system after the kernel boots.

    That means that the only real cause of angst might be (a) trying to fit
    a rescue kernel on a floppy disk along with rescue tools, and (b)
    embedded systems. For the general case (and remember that Linus tends
    to like optimizing for the general case), the cost/benefit ratio for
    having text description of pci devices is in favor of keeping the text
    descriptions. I imagine if someone came up with a patch that removed
    the __initdata table, in the interests of embedded or rescue disk
    kernels, either (a) Linus would accept it, or (b) it would be trivial to
    maintain separately outside of the kernel. Either way, it's a lot of
    discussion over not a fairly minor point.

    - Ted

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