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    SubjectRe: buglet in ext2 sticky bit?
    On Sun, 24 Oct 1999, Jan Kara wrote:

    > > AFAIK a file writable for everyone should be deletable when
    > > +t on the parent dir.

    > As far as I know this is correct behaviour... Rights on deleted file
    > have no impact on its unlinking (OK, with the exception to the
    > IMMUTABLE and APPEND bits...) - what matters is *only* a directory.
    > When it has sticky bit set than file can be deleted only by its owner
    > or owner of the directory.

    Intestingly, this works on Solaris 2.6 (both tmpfs and ufs).

    I seem to be able to delete any file in /tmp which I own _or_ can write

    Stevens' APUE doesn't mention this feature, so I'd be tempted to call
    it a bug in Solaris (can't test other OSes, unfortunately).


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