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SubjectRe: X kills console
On Fri, 22 Oct 1999, Wakko Warner wrote:

> When I have to kill -9 X, is there anyway (w/o rebooting, the box has been
> up for 73 days on 2.2.10 SMP) to get the console back the way it was after
> the machine boots? I've upgraded the kernel to 2.2.13 but don't see a need
> to reboot (the console isn't that big of a deal, but would like to fix it).
> I'm sure someone else has been in this situation where the console is
> completely messed up and would like to have it back w/o booting.

(1) Do you mean like scrambled characters? (2) the wrong virtual terminal?
you using xdm(3) or startx?)


(1) cat a ^O back to yourself
(2) ctrl-alt-F[1-7] or alt-F[1-7]
(3) investigate telinit [1-5] and your /etc/inittab

Dave Forrest
(804)296-7283h 924-3954w

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