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Subjectaccess beyond end of device errors in 2.2.13pre18 AND 2.2.5
I've just tried 2.2.13pre18 with my application code that handles considerable
file i/o (pulling about 1Gbyte data in and out of memory pretty constantly)
under heavy CPU load, (2 of these processes running on a dual PII 450
machine, with 512MBytes RAM). As with all kernels since 2.2.5 that goes into
the worrysome errors of the form:

kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device
kernel: 08:0d: rw=0, want 77831577, limit=15638246

although it takes around 12 hours of this file access to get to this state.

Perhaps even more worrying I've been running the same application under a 2.2.5
kernel, which I had thought was ok for this problem, but after about 4 days of
continuous heavy file access I started getting the same problem. This is the
first time I'd ever seen this with 2.2.5 kernels.

This problem is really starting to get very worrying indeed, and I suspect is
going to be a real pain to track down. But as it leads to file system
corruption (and I've seen others reporting this in the list), surely this has
to be tracked down pretty urgently? Especially since Redhat are now shipping
2.2.12 as their distribution kernel!


Mark Hagger Tel: 01305 212803
DERA Winfrith, Winfrith Technology Centre Fax: 01305 212103
Winfrith, Dorset, DT2 8XJ, UK Email:

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