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SubjectRe: [linux-kernel] mailing list properties
David Lang writes the following:
>for what it's worth I always opt to use the subject tag, in part becouse I
>choose not to use procmail. I am one of those strange people who dislike
>having to look in many places to get current mail.

As long as we're FWIW'ing, here's my mail sorting scheme.

qmail lets you make suffixed versions of your address, and easily munge your
From: to match them, like so:

echo ./Mail/kernel > ~/.qmail-kernel
kelm () {
MAIL=$HOME/Mail/kernel QMAILINJECT=f QMAILUSER=pacman-kernel QMAILNAME='Alan Curry' elm "$@"

And zsh lets you make multiple versions of the "You have new mail" message,
like this:

export MAILPATH="$HOME/Mailbox:$HOME/Mail/kernel?You have kernel mail."

As for "look in many places", well, I use screen, so I'm always looking in
many places. :) One screen runs kelm, always. Once every few months, the box
is rebooted and I have to hit ^A^C and type "kelm" again.

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