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SubjectLinux + DiskOnChip problems
Hi, I'm having problems. Oh, and Linux isn't booting on this system of
mine. It seems that when I have a DiskOnChip flashdisk installed (via an
Eval board in a standard PC), the DOC steals some of the system's
conventional memory, making Linux not boot. At least, it won't boot with
Syslinux, grub, or netboot. LILO seems to handle things better, but the
latter 3 all return errors about too little memory.

I have stripped the kernel down as small as I can get it, and I still
can't boot it with the DOC. Does anyone know if there is some solution to
this dilemma, or should I just bite my tongue and use a LILO floppy? I'd
rather not, since the netboot stuff is really cool. :^)

Please cc: my real address...

| Ian Eure, <> |
| Linux geek extraordinare |
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| "A conclusion is simply the place where someone got tired of thinking."

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