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SubjectRe: FlashPoint card hanging system (BT-950)

I have gotten a bit of help from Mylex Tech support. Jo suggested
that I try updating the card BIOS to the latest version 1.41i. I
have done that, and while I still get a couple of errors of the same
type (stuck in the state BUS_FREE ) when I first start up, if I get
past that (by mounting and unmounting a CD in my CDRW drive several
times), it seems to work fine. I am currently burning a CD, and I
have seen no errors through 95%, while last night, I got errors and
an aborted operation in the first 1% (with the change I made to the
driver to reset the card when it detected a stuck interrupt).

I think I will try adding delays where Leonard suggested, and see
if it takes the problem away completely.

I guess I would suggest upgrading to the latest BIOS version to
see if it helps. I had thought of doing this before, but didn't
do it. I figured that since there was no real processor on the
board, changing the bios wouldn't help. Perhaps, I just got lucky
when I booted this time, or perhaps changing the BIOS really did
help. I had 1.41d BIOS before.

Anyway, it is nice not to have to wait for my root partition to be
checked every time the SCSI card has a problem.

Bill Lash

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