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SubjectRe: ISSUE: (ext2fs?) disk I/O and responsivness
Let me chime in and say "me too".  I have a system that responds precisely like
this. Actually, it's not "a large file", it is "a large amount of writes".

You can see this by untarring linux kernel source with -v. it _creeps_ by. If
done immediately after boot, it's quite fast, then it slows to an intolerable crawl
and there is -no- indication as to _why_ it's slow. At first I thought it might be
because I compiled it SMP, nope, that isn't a fix. Next I swapped from adaptec
2940 to a symbios card. Nope, that didn't have any affect either.

Here's a kicker. IDE is still fast. I can zip through an IDE disk like no
tomorrow. Even when the scsi drive is slogging, the IDE drive is a wee bit faster
(but terribly slow due to the entire system being killed). Even gpm movements are
jerky and that's scary. X...forget about it. Takes 90 seconds to move 1/2 across
the screen, it's easier to close your eyes and calculate the correct mouse motion
to get where you want to go.

And no. Absolutely no load shows on the machine, no kernel messages, no NOTHING
which gives the slightest clue what's wrong.


Mattias Sandgren wrote:

> Hi all!
> In the past month there was a short thread called:
> "high load on heavy disk i/o"
> That thread discussed an I/O related problem that I experience as well. The
> intention I have with this mail to the list is to catch the attention of
> the developers that handle the parts of the kernel related to the problem.
> Since I'm not a kernel developer myself I'm not able to clearly identify
> the problem and do not know which specific developer to contact. I will
> present it as detailed as I possibly can so that this issue might get some
> attention. The original author of the above mentioned thread (Ronald Wahl)
> still has not found a solution.

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