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    SubjectRe: loopback device semantics and UNIX mount(2) philosophy.
    On Tue, 19 Oct 1999, Chris Wedgwood wrote:
    > mount(8) can't easily tell there is a problem here. Ideally I guess
    > the kernels loopback driver should refuse to attach to a file that is
    > in use (in any way whatsoever, not just by another loopback device)

    As Rogier pointed out a minute ago, one would have to do something more
    complex than just usage counts. Because different loopback devices may
    have used different (non-overlapping?) regions of the file. One would have
    to do region management something like what is done with POSIX locks?

    Or, better even, don't do stupid things as root and there will be no
    unexpected results :)


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