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SubjectRe: PATCH 2.3.23 pre 2 compile fixes
> > drivers/net/via-rhine.c:
> > * (bad patch?) should not be defining ioremap into vremap
> These don't appear to match any of my versions.

Your version appears to have the same bugs however and a whole pile more.

The actual changes are:

o Cleaning out the optimise check which breaks debugging kernel builds
o Using the new PCI resource structures
o s/struct device/struct net_device
o Removing some of the back compatibility ifdefs to make the code more
maintainable in 2.3.x

Both versions of the via rhine driver

o Don't handle memory resources right with 2.3.x (ie
check_mem_region and friends)
o Blindly assume kmalloc won't fail. Sane at boot maybe but not for
a module load
o Misdefine ioremap into vremap for Alpha

I've got a patch for the malloc one but the check region stuff my fix
doesnt yet work

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