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    SubjectRe: GFP_DMA not good enough for problem hardware
       Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 10:32:18 +0100
    From: Giuliano Procida <>

    > Note also that this makes such cards out of spec, PCI wise. Many
    > PCI sound cards have these issues as well (most implement the lower
    > 24 bits, and use the upper bits in their DMA descriptors for control
    > information, supposedly to save logic gates in the hw or to simplify
    > it in some other way).

    I haven't found anything obvious under drivers/sound.

    They all use GFP_DMA and assume this means that the PCI bus mastering
    address used for such a physical page will also be below 16MB, much of
    drivers/sound has portability quirks like this.

    David S. Miller

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