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    Subject/proc-tools hang under 2.3.22
    Tools like top and ps from ps-99.4.14 (build 17 from SuSE) hang hard
    when run (ie. won't be killed by -9). Of course, I have init-scripts
    which use ps to find the pid, so it won't shutdown cleanly. The rest
    of the system seems to run fine.

    System: BP6 SMP, enabled support for IrDA, USB, APM and other goodies.
    (I had to change memory_end to *memory_end_p to get it to compile.)

    BTW, I have been unable to get PPP to work in any 2.3.x, it complains
    that it can't find support in the kernel. I see others get it to work
    if they compile it into the kernel. I'm running ppp 2.3.10. Do I
    have to upgrade some tools?

    Kjetil T.

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