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SubjectRe: 2.3.22 locks up at boot + ARP entry removal trouble under 2.3.21
On Sat, Oct 16, 1999 at 04:31:03PM +0100, David Woodhouse wrote:

> 2.3.22 would lock solid after finishing rc.sysinit. I had to back out the proc
> changes to get it to boot.

AFAI can make out, it locks up just after bringing up eth0, which is a
module on my system. The fsck following the next boot finds that module.conf
had a zero d_time (I think), so I suspect it was being read at the time of
the crash.

The screen looks really weird afterward, reminding me of ZX Spectrum crashes
in the old days :-)

I also noted that I had trouble removing a public ARP entry, inserted by:

/sbin/arp -s -D eth0 -i eth0 pub

Removing with

/sbin/arp -d

Gives 'no such file'. This under 2.3.21, I have not investigated this


bert hubert.

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