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    SubjectRe: Workaround for NFS locking urgently needed
    On Fri, Oct 15, 1999 at 06:58:18PM +0000, Thorsten Kranzkowski wrote:
    > Hello,

    Hi Thorsten ;-)

    > if you aren't actually dependent on the locking, maybe you can just get away
    > with adding 'nolock' to the client's mount options. That also gets rid

    I was using NFS with 2.0.0 - I guess there is no locking supported so I
    probably don't need it. I am not sure though if e.g. mutt will do dot locking
    if the functionality of fcntl is not available.

    > of the 'RPC Error 111' messages you may see when mounting a NFS-volume where
    > no lockd is running.

    I never got such a message.

    Anyway, I tried it before (therefore my posting was incomplete, sorry) but even
    with nolock the program just sits there waiting for fcntl to return :(

    Any other ideas?


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