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SubjectRE: PCI question

Marcin Dalecki [] wrote:
> Bret Indrelee wrote:
> > Marcin Dalecki [] asked:
> > > Anybody out there with an idea where to get the information
> > > about the PCI slot numbers of the currently present devices
> > > inside the system (in esp the two ether cards?).
> >
> > cat /proc/pci
> >
> > It gives bus, device, and function numbers.
> >
> > If instead you are wondering how to do it from kernel code, look in
> > /usr/src/linux/Documenation/pci.txt
> > for the documentation.
> Nahh. What I'm interrested in are the actual physical SLOTS
> (aka A B C D) of the device.

All you can get is bus/device. These are unique to a particular slot.

There is no way for software to know in a generic way how this may match up
to the labelling on the case or motherboard. This tends to be extremely
system specific, and the software never deals with PCI bus that way.


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