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SubjectRe: Updated i386 bootcode rewrite patch...

On Thu, 14 Oct 1999, David Dyck wrote:

> > [referring to new boot code in 2.3.21]
> > Right, because is the absolute minimum; anything below that is
> > *KNOWN TO MISCOMPILE* this code.
> So you are saying, before this patch was the minimum, but
> now that THIS code is added that is the minimum.

I recommend 2.9.5.x.x

> Was there anything wrong with except for the boot code?

Try running the gas testsuite through the old assembler ;-)

The major changes in the x86 assembler over the last year or so are:

o Greatly improved syntax checking to help catch hand-assembly errors
o New .intel_syntax mode
o Fixed badly broken 16-bit mode assembly - .code16 and .code16gcc
o Recognise new instructions - AMD, PIII, MMX, XMM etc.
o Assembly bugs fixed in a number of infrequently used instructions:
o fwait form of floating point insn with another prefix.
o "mov %al,(,1)", and other unusual index/base combinations
o probably others, I forget.
o Don't emit prefixes when they will be ignored.
o Always use smallest form of index/base alternatives.

> > I wouldn't be surprised if other asms
> > around the kernel were compiled wrong (or at least sub-optimally) with
> > older binutils.
> Could you explain what you mean here a bit more please?

I assume Chris means my last two points above. As far as I know, didn't completely mis-assemble anything used by the kernel.

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