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SubjectRe: pIII Serial (or lack there-of)
On Wed, 13 Oct 1999, James R Bruce wrote:

> Though perhaps it should be an option just because someone *might* want
> to use it...
> Intel claimed at some point that it was for identification for eCommerce
> and similar applications, which is a pretty stupid reason since any
> layer between the CPU and the network card could easily fake another
> serial number. Crippleware seems to be the only reasonable use in
> commercial apps.

There is one more use, in proving you own a computer if it is stolen. A
simple program on a bootable floppy could be used to determine the serial
number of any computer's CPU. If you already have your PIII numbers
registered somewhere, that's pretty compelling proof that this was once your

Would it be ok for the kernel to check for a serial number enabled CPU,
put it up on the screen, optionally log it, then shut off the ID after that?

Scott Marlowe

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